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Shakespeare famously made Hector quote Aristotle (in Troilus and Cressida). Did he also make Katherina quote Homer?

Happy the parents of so fair a child;
Happier the man, whom favourable stars
Allot thee for his lovely bed-fellow! (The Taming of the Shrew IV,5)

Thrice happy then, thy parents I account,
And happy thrice thy brethren. Ah! the joy
Which always for thy sake, their bosoms fill,
When thee they view, all lovely as thou art,
Ent’ring majestic on the graceful dance.
But him beyond all others blest I deem,
The youth, who, wealthier than his rich compeers,
Shall win and lead thee to his honour’d home. (Odyssey, VI.154-159; Cowper)

Quotation, coincidence or cliché? Maybe there's something in between? Did, for example, Virgil imitate that passage?

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