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English-language sources for Roman Spain. - The ancient world of Greece and Rome

About English-language sources for Roman Spain.

Previous Entry English-language sources for Roman Spain. Nov. 11th, 2011 @ 07:20 pm Next Entry
Dear all,

I am currently trying to write a paper on temples in Roman Spain. I am at the graduate level, but I have had very little exposure to the topic and am therefore struggling to find sources. What I would like to do is compare the temples of 4-5 cities; because the paper is short-ish, I'd prefer these to be small cities with only a couple of temples.

Unfortunately, I don't know any Spanish and don't have time to pour over publications with a dictionary. Hence my question is if anyone knows of Roman sites in Spain that have been published in English? Thus far I have only found syntheses that give very little details about individual sites.

Thank you in advance!
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